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Zach was excited to have Daddy return - because he would be bringing with him the air swimmer which Zach bought with a Christmas gift card! 2015-07-01

Zach went abseiling with his Cub group (-and Mommy as official photographer!) 2015-07-02

-It's official, he enjoyed it! 2015-07-02

Zach 'spaced out' at the Moon Rock Café & museum in Canberra 2015-07-05

...Evidence of Zach's intriguing mind at work... (I'm not sure what this even was - plans for a game, maybe?) 2015-07-09

Visitors arrived from the States - two young Bryn Athyn College guys, eager to lend a hand! -We showed them the sights, too. Here, Manly. 2015-07-19

He's growing, growing, growing, but he's still his mama's little boy :=) 2015-07-26

Zach bought himself a cool new 'Fliker' scooter with some of his Christmas money! 2015-08-03

We took the guys to see the Nan Tien Temple in Wollongong. (Zach was less than thrilled...) 2015-08-08

How could he not enjoy cute little guys like these?! 2015-08-08

More evidence of how much fun Zach was not having.... 2015-08-08

A little rough-housing needed to happen! 2015-08-08

Zach and Mommy braved the weeee early hours of the morning to help set up a water station for the City2Surf run 2015-08-09

Zach filling cups 2015-08-09

There were fun parts, though :=) (This was done with his Cub group, btw) 2015-08-09

Daddy threw another fun The Price is Right games night! 2015-08-14

Zach & Daddy's first motorized Lego contraption... a ball-whacker! 2015-08-19

Zach & classmates perform for parents 2015-08-28

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