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We celebrated Canada Day with the Baker family in the U.S. :=) 2014-07-01


Zach and Grandma, 94 years young (-A rare photo, as she is not fond of having her picture taken! -to put it mildly...) 2014-07-01

We're Toronto-bound! 2014-07-02

...Silly boy sandwich, anybody? (Where there are Todd and kids,...) 2014-07-02

Down to business: Uno with Grammy! :=) 2014-07-03

Watching the construction next-door with Grammy 2014-07-03

'Perfection' fun with Kai (-this was after they had raced around the house...) 2014-07-03

Playing with Auntie Susan & Aunt Jill (holding a toy phone - with a recording of Zach's voice - to her ear) - This was at Mommy's very SURPRISE early 40th birthday party! :=D 2014-07-03

There's never quite enough time in Toronto. :=( So long, Grammy.... 2014-07-07

Zach & Big Lambie at the Toronto Airport.... heading to L.A.! 2014-07-07

Now in L.A., and with a map of Disneyland in-hand, Zach intently plans our route! 2014-07-07

-But first, some fun in the pool! 2014-07-07

Happy boys at Disneyland! 2014-07-08

Beiswengers do Splash Mountain! (-A photo of the photo taken on the ride) 2014-07-08

Zach meet ol' Mickey the Mouse, himself! 2014-07-08

Disneyland, day 2: California Adventure - and Zach's favourite ride, California Screamin' (roller coster)! 2014-07-09

California Screamin', up close & personal :=) 2014-07-09

We had a little time to kill before going to the airport, and so visited the Wayfarer's Chapel (wow, eh?!) 2014-07-10

Ho-omeward bound... (-we encountered Zach's very own Aussie teacher in the waiting area!! What are the chances?!?) 2014-07-10

Home again. Daddy, Zach, Tyco race-car track... and haircut + lice treatment. :=P 2014-07-13

Zach decoding secret messages from Aunt Jill! (-fellow English-language enthusiast!) 2014-07-19

Zach & Dylan at Grandpa Heldon's 97th birthday party (!) 2014-08-02

The birthday boy, Norm Heldon - 97 years young! 2014-08-02

Daddy got to race with Zach, at his last go-karting class! 2014-08-29

Where there are Todd + kids,... (This time, Max benefits from the 'torturing' as well - much to his own delight!!) 2014-08-04

When Daddy isn't available, Max & Zach take to wrestling each other 2014-08-11

Zach's school's Father's Day fair had kids & dads assemble a display on 'something they share' - Zach & Daddy did Hungry Jack's & go-karting, of course :=) 2014-08-29

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