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gears contraption

Zach creates some interesting contraptions with his gears! 2012-07-01

happy canada day

Happy Canada from down under! 2012-07-01

liquid nitrogen

Zach learned a bit about liquid nitrogen during the school holidays 2012-07-02

aboriginal whistle

He also learned a few things about Aboriginal culture, including how to make a grass whistle 2012-07-03

mini gym

Did a little gymnastcis... 2012-07-04

foam cubes

(His favourite part was jumping into & wading through the foam cubes! :=D ) 2012-07-04

medieval times

...And attained knighthood and jousted! (Hooray for Sydney Olympic Park's school holiday offerings!) 2012-07-04

medieval festival02

Huzzah! (Hooray for Sydney Olympic Park's school holiday offerings!) 2012-07-04


marble track tower

...And then there were marble track towers! (Do you see his hand dropping the marble?) 2012-07-06

z @ skillet

Zach helped make some sweetcorn & bacon fritattas (didn't like 'em much, though!) 2012-07-09

beach with holly

Beach fun! 2012-07-11

clue trail

They also took advantage of Cronulla's school holiday scavenger hunt 2012-07-11

beach again

Same beach, different day, different friends :=) 2012-07-12

manly beach

This time fun at Manly Beach! 2012-07-14

statue silliness

Silliness abounds :=) 2012-07-14

kids on ferry

Fun on the ferry ride back across Sydney Harbour 2012-07-14

gpa ice cream

We celebrated Angel Grampa's birthday (belatedly) in style with ice cream, just the way he would've liked it :=) 2012-07-27

cozy in footwell

...You just never know what Zach's going to do :=D (That's the front passenger footwell in the van...) 2012-08-02


Lego is not a given in Zach's daily life (as it is for some boys!); he entered a Lego phase around early August... 2012-08-04

sleeping bag

Again, you just never know what Zach will come up with! "Get in the sleeping bag with me, Daddy,..." :=D 2012-08-10


You can always count on "Maccas" for some fun! (Especially on the rare occasion that Daddy climbs in, too!) 2012-08-16

big banana01

On our drive up to Surfers Paradise, Zach took the opportunity to good around a bit at... 2012-08-16

big banana02

...The Big Banana! ("Bahnahnah" :=D ) 2012-08-16

windy surfers

Here we are, enjoying Surfers Paradise,... 2012-08-17

pool fun

Zach loooooooooved playing in the pool! 2012-08-17

jet rescue

What does one go to Sea World for? -the rides, of course! 2012-08-18


He was pretty bored by everything else, unfortunately (not surprisingly?). Alas. 2012-08-18


Daddy got us all-you-can-play mini golf! (Barely got our money's worth, mind you... :=D ) 2012-08-20

eating out!

Ahh, one of the distinct joys of holidays: eating out! :=> (Fries, fries and more fries!) 2012-08-20

air hockey

Must teach the young paduan in the art of air hockey! 2012-08-20

movie world

The boys really loved this ride... :=D 2012-08-21

justice league dude

Movie World had a few cool rides! (Not as many as we expected, actually) 2012-08-21

ayce pancakes

Ready, set.... go! All you can eat, champ! :=) (One plate was enough!) 2012-08-23

roller coaster

All aboard for a long drive home 2012-08-23


Baa! 2012-08-23

sustainability fair

Back home, it's time for Southside's annual Father's Day Science Fair! This year's theme was sustainability 2012-08-30


Not a fan of winner/loser games, Zach often repurposes such games... such as organising them. 2012-08-31

keylime cheesecake01

Mmmmaking (key)lime cheesecake for Daddy for Father's Day! 2012-08-31


YUMMMM! 2012-08-31







A further glimpse into Zach:

- We've mentioned that Zach loves books, but haven't specified that, upon returning home from the library with a batch of new books, he can often spend up to a couple of HOURS reading them to himself, cover to cover... four-five-six books?! Wowsers!

- Some of his favourite books are the Magic Tree House series, Zac Power series, The Word Spy & The Return of the Word Spy

- One of the things that makes Zach unique is how he loves to SING and - especially - to DANCE his little tappity dance, especially in the tub after his shower! :=D

- In "The Word Spy" we've been learning about figures of speech and whatnot (Mondegreens (misheard song lyrics), Tautologies (the use of redundant words), etc). In church one Sunday in August, Todd was talking about the ten plagues and, specifically, the plague of hail. Somewhere along the way, Zach said something about "Frozen ice!" ...then turned to Mommy and quietly said, "'Frozen ice' - that's a..." to which Mommy nodded and chuckled - "Yes, a tautology!" :=D
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