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Happy Canada Day from Kleinburg, Canada! 07/01/11

Zach having his face painted in Kleinburg 07/01/11

Cute cousins (Adam, Ashur, Zach) displaying their festive Canada Day face paintings :=) (And then, unfortunately, Zach was knocked out cold with the cold he caught from Granddaddy...) 07/01/11

From Toronto to Mammoth Cave near Bowling Green, KY 07/03/11

Next day: Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN! (A much-needed outlet for some pent-up little-boy energy!!) 07/04/11

Daddy, Zach and aforementioned energy at the Science Center! 07/04/11

Zach, ever the super traveler, now on our way to Montgomery, AL 07/04/11

Zach joins the 'big kids' (Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin and Daddy) in playing keyboard in Rock Band 07/05/11

For you Auburn fans out there -- Zach with Daddy and Benjamins at Toomer's Corner 07/06/11


Zach's very excited to be entering... WALT DISNEY WORLD! :=D 07/08/11

Zach's first Disney ride: Winnie the Pooh 07/08/11


Aladin's Magic Carpet ride (Zach's watching the gears...) 07/08/11

Astro Orbiter 07/08/11

Zach & Cinderella's castle 07/08/11

The T. Beiswenger family was here! 07/08/11




Zach's favourite ride: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! :=) 07/08/11

We arrived at 9am opening; here, the sun's starting to set and Zach's still going strong, still walking the line 07/08/11

Waiting for the Electric Light Parade... 07/08/11

Voilà - and Goofy, too! 07/08/11

Remember about us arriving at 9am opening? We stayed until they closed at MIDNIGHT. This is the only time we carried him; he went ALL DAY LONG and finally collapsed in Mommy's arms. (Sorry for the lousy shot; maybe you can imagine his head bobbing, his eyeballs rolling back in his head?! :=D ) 07/08/11

The next morning, telling Aunt Lana all about it! 07/09/11

Zach enjoying the ATV at Aunt Lana & Uncle Warren's. Enjoying the buttons, at least... :=D 07/09/11

Next stop: Daytona Beach! -Here with cousins Reid & Randi at Perry's 07/11/11

Zach & Daddy at The Cove on Ormond Beach 07/13/11

"You will go down this water slide, and you will like it!" Zach wasn't so pleased at first,... 07/13/11

...but, sure enough, he loved it!! :=) 07/13/11

Another great family meal at Beiswenger/Saxon favourite, Port Orange Steakhouse, mmm! 07/13/11

Zach's wearing his Mickey hat so that he doesn't burn his scalp :=D (-his idea!) 07/14/11

On the ferris wheel with at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk! 07/14/11

Fun in the pool with Aunt Teri, Ryan (and Adam) and Daddy! (Sorry for the over-exposure) 07/15/11

An ATV ride with Daddy on the beach! 07/16/11

The Florida vacation ends... with a stop at South of the Border, SC! 07/17/11

Like my stylin' hat? :=) 07/17/11

Ola, amigos! 07/17/11

South of the Border's hat store is a family affair we all enjoy! 07/17/11

The horse ride is fun, but watching the gears is the funnest! 07/17/11

Zach's favourite part of hotel rooms? ... The buttons on the A/C unit, of course! 07/18/11

Home again, home again... And the 'Four Horses' Lord Project 07/19/11

Good old-fashioned fun down at the crick :=) 07/28/11

Slip-n-sliding with Mia & Jack! 07/29/11

Zach enjoys a good computer game, too, to be sure! 08/02/11

Zach 'falling down and laughing' for the 'Abraham & Sarah' Lord project :=) 08/03/11

He can be a good helper in the kitchen! Mommy hopes he'll make his wife proud, someday :=} 08/07/11

Zach occasionally picks up a book and reads to himself, nowadays, too :=> (for real!) 08/08/11

A rousing game of Candyland with Ed & Erica 08/09/11

Zach & Mia on a tractor at the Montgomery County 4H Fair 08/12/11

This was the 'beginning of the end' - the training wheels are off the ground! 08/14/11

Zach LOVES mazes. 08/14/11

Zach loves mazes! 08/15/11

Did I mention that Zach loves mazes?! :=D 08/15/11

Mia spent the day with us - here, they paint (they earned smocks soon after this shot was taken!) 08/19/11

Then Daddy/Mr. B. took all 3 musketeers to Happy Tymes!! :=D (You may notice that Mia has a different shirt on than pre-smock painting!)08/19/11

Zach & Mommy enjoy playing hopscotch on the driveway. Mommy was super-impressed with his ability to hop all *84* squares of this one -- and back again! 08/24/11

Zach showing us his end-of-year Lord project 08/28/11

Never a dull moment, when Zach's around! :=> 08/31/11


Some cute Zach-isms:

- Zach still sometimes sings himself to sleep... and sometimes upon waking in the morning, and at various other points during the day. We love his musicality! :=) (This reminds Mommy that he's still a *little* boy!)

- Daddy to Zach: "What is with you?! You have so much energy!" Zach: "I have 100 pieces of energy!" :=D

- "Not tomorrow, the next tomorrow" (i.e. the day after tomorrow)

- "I knew it was going to rain so I brought a pon-chee-o"


- Y'know how young kids are sometimes asked for their take on how to prepare a food item (not having any real concept of time, temperature or measurement)? Mommy asked Zach how to make something; here's his recipe for Bubblegum Cookie & Chocolate with Dough --- "It's bubblegum coated in chocolate, then the chocolate is covered in dough. Then put some sugar in it, and then put it in the toaster oven (20°) for 7 minutes. Then, when it's done you take it out, then it's hot when it comes out of the toaster oven, then blow it off a little bit. --It comes out circle, then you tear all the chocolate and bubblegum out, and then it's hot when it comes out of there, so you blow it off. Then you can eat it! That's all you have to do. -You could make it for somebody's birthday, instead of cake." :=> 07/18/11


- Zach spilled some smoothie, then some yogurt, for being a little too careless. First he made a good effort to clean it up; secondly he cried and complained that he couldn't do it. Thirdly he told Mommy, "Let's pretend this is a restaurant and I work here, cleaning the floor..." :=) That's the spirit!

- Remember that painting fun with Mia, above (08/19)? In the midst of it, Zach asked for a mosk. Mia chimed in with "Yeah, me too, I want a mosk." Mommy responded with "...A mosque??... Oh, a SMOCK!!" :=D

- Words often heard out of Zach's mouth: "Good news!" "Yeah, sure" (in response to a question; not sarcastically!). "I have idea!" (Probably "I have an idea," but the 'an' gets lost in how fast he says it!)

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