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Pool fun with Mia 07/04/10

Watching Mrs. Abbott's 'home-grown' fireworks display 07/04/10


Watching mini-fireworks with Mr. & Mrs. Abbott 07/04/10

Mia, glow sticks & slow shutter speed! 07/04/10

July 4th races in Bryn Athyn - Zach ran well! 07/05/10

Zach's new favourite play place: the tent! 07/17/10

(We extension-corded his new favourite record player out there, and Zach & Mommy even slept out there, one night, while Daddy was away!)

Part 1 of the 'Lost Sheep' Lord project - a maze! (Zach loves mazes!) 07/13/10

Part 2 of the 'Lost Sheep' Lord project - "Baa!" 07/22/10

(The found sheep's giving Zach a kiss, I think? :=) ) 07/22/10

We had our friends over for a Midsummer Luau - lousy picture, but you can see the fun Zach had with Trevor, and the leis! :=D 07/31/10

"Driving" on the exercise ball with Daddy 08/01/10

Doing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 'Hot Dog Dance' 08/02/10

Zach & Daddy stop at the fair in Buffalo, NY on their way up to Toronto for the weekend! 08/07/10

The fair was great, he was a champ on the drive,... and now he's just completely pooped! 08/07/10

After being apart for 5 days [the longest separation yet!], Zach gives Mommy an appropriate reception! :=) 08/12/10

With Uncle Jim on Mary Lake! 08/13/10


Daddy and goofy Zach :=D 08/13/10

Daddy & Zach go boating 08/13/10

Ahoy! 08/13/10

Todd, Adam & Zach on top of the 'mountain' 08/14/10

Zach - tubing! 08/14/10

Zach LOVED it, by the way 08/15/10

Enjoying a good book with Aunt Jill 08/15/10

He loved that, too! :=) 08/15/10

(Just had to include this one... :=D ) 08/15/10

Mama and boy :=) 08/16/10

An enthralling game of Monopoly with Adam, Ashur and Daddy/Uncle Todd 08/16/10

Some 'mandatory' roughing-up... :=) 08/17/10

Enjoying the playground in Port Sydney (near Mary Lake) 08/18/10

Father & son :=) 08/18/10

Enjoying a game of Lucky Jacks ("Eww, we don't want THAT card!) 08/19/10

Back home in Horsham - tire swing! 08/26/10

Final 'Lord Project' for the year - a review 08/31/10

He didn't want this picture to cover his name on the front of the book - "Take it off!!" 08/31/10

Compromise: wrote his name on the picture; all is well with the world! 08/31/10




Some cute Zach-isms:

- He witnessed his first fireworks show, July 4th in Abington! He covered his ears the whole time - even if only from the din of the crowd - but he thoroughly enjoyed watching them... And proceeds to 're-enact' watching fireworks repeatedly in his make-believe play!

- "pregment" = pregnant; "skwuhlow" = squirrel; "instension cord" = extension cord; "intricity" = electricity

- Zach is introduced to the wonderful world of read-along books on cassette or vinyl - and has been given his very own record player - he's in heaven! (And Daddy & Mommy are in "Red Riding Hood" and "Three Little Pigs" hell! :=D Just kidding.)

- Zach to Mommy as she carries the inflated double-sized air mattress down the basement stairs: "That's pretty big! I'll grant you that!"

- "I'm a robot. I need some more intricity."

- "I want to play, after supper! I want to go spelunking (in our play cave)!" :=D

- Daddy to Zach: "You're an agitator!" Zach in reply: "What? No, I'm a carboholic!" :=D

- "Why are they called 'sandals'? Are they meant to go in the sand?"

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