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We started the new year off on the right foot - church camp! Zach had some fun :=) 2016-01-04

That's Zach, up on the vertical playground! 2016-01-06

Zach participated in the traditional camp ping-pong tournament - here, vs. Holly 2016-01-06

Zachy & his daddy :=) 2016-01-06

On 'excursion day', we ventured up to the Avalon Peninsula and to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse 2016-01-07

-And ended up at Avalon Beach 2016-01-07


Yes, Zach did some fun things at camp! 2016-01-08

Daddy was in charge of games, and we played 'Sit, Stand, Bend' - one of Zach's favourites! (-if you recall Mommy's 40th birthday party, Oct 2014...) 2016-01-08

We were all rostered for some kitchen duty; Daddy served toast like a boss :=D 2016-01-09


Here's our church camp group! :=) (-those present on photo day, anyway) 2016-01-09

Home again, home again... Fun in the sprinkler! 2016-01-13


Zach and Max enjoyed riding their bikes at a nearby park (-what with our neighbourhood being so darned hilly...!) 2016-01-17

There's always fun to be had with friends in our dear neighbours' pool! 2016-01-20

Zach has spent more and more time at the computer, since launching into Lego robotics... 2016-01-24

We enjoyed a nice 'Straya Day backyard barbecue at friends' :=) 2016-01-26

Wow! We see some pretty birds, 'round these parts! (This type doesn't show up very often, though; usually just the rainbow lorikeets.) 2016-01-27

Zach's first (well, second, technically) day of Year 4/Stage 3! :=) (No, he isn't excited about going back to school, he's just being a ham!) 2016-02-02

We learned that there are organisations dealing solely in Lego robotics - so Zach got to explore his passion further in a RoboClub! 2016-02-16

He learned a very cool way to interlace sticks so that they unravel with quite a flurry! 2016-02-15

More pool fun! :=) 2016-02-24


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