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We started off the year* in good ol' Australian New Church style - at camp! :=) This time on Phillip Island (down by Melbourne) (*...Technically this belongs on last year's page, but this page suits it better!) 2014-12-29

Zach takes to the skies - on the giant swing! 2014-12-30

...And then back to his Transformers... :=D 2014-12-30

New Year's Eve was celebrated with sparklers and fun :=) 2014-12-31

New Year's Day saw more fun, too - with Daddy following suit on the giant swing! (Yes, Mommy did it, too, just no photographic evidence!) 2015-01-01

We go to see real, live penguins - in the 'wild', exiting the ocean - too! 2015-01-01

Zach serenaded us on talent night with his rendition of 'Annoying Jingle Bells,' on his camp-made instrument. (P.S. That's sunblock on his face) 2015-01-03

Following camp, we drove home via the Snowy Mountains, stopping in Jindabyne for a night and riding the ski lift up to the top of Mt. Kosciuszco! 2015-01-05

This was on some of the poles, on our ride up. Yep, did that, check. 2015-01-05

Ok, well, the chair lift didn't take us ALL the way to the top... our feet did that! 2015-01-05

We made it! (Much fussing-by-a-young-child later,.....) 2015-01-05

And now, to hike back down to the chair lift, via that path... (-Just in time, too - the clouds rolled in before our eyes!) 2015-01-05

Ahh, THIS is when it all started: enter the game of FIVE CROWNS! 2015-01-07

Backyard summertime fun :=) 2015-01-14

More water fun - at Blaxland Park with is friend (they're in the middle of all that wet, there) 2015-01-16

Ah, Mama does love her son's interest in - and aptitude for - the English language :=) 2015-01-16

Daddy officiated at (and Mommy & Zach attended) Jess & Jeff's wedding 2015-01-17

-They had some fun, at the wedding, too. What lovely and silly parents Zach has! :=D 2015-01-17

Next stop: Cairns! 2015-01-19

Zach & Mommy snorkled while Daddy SCUBA dived around the Great Barrier Reef - behold! 2015-01-21

Zach also got to drive the boat!! 2015-01-21

There ya go, the family out on the Reef :=) 2015-01-21

Oh, man, we would've loved to have seen some cassowaraies in the wild! (No such luck, mind you - not for lack of trying!) 2015-01-23

We did see some pretty scenery, though - including Barron River Falls, at Kuranda 2015-01-23

There was a pool at our resort. Of course. The boys had fun in it. Of course! :=) 2015-01-26

(Look at Zach's saggy bum! :=D ) 2015-01-26

Then it was time to fly home again... 2015-01-26

With the end of January came the start of a new school year - <more> grade 3 2015-01-29

We started a routine of picking up D and bringing him home with us, to play, once a week 2015-02-11

(Silly Zachy! :=) ) 2015-01-24

Zach became a Cub Scout! 2015-01-17

Angel Grandpa would be proud :=) ca. 1950


Zach loses his first tooth naturally! :=D (Having 'shark teeth', the first two were extracted for him, last year - and their replacements had already grown in!) 2015-01-21

Zach still enjoys trampolining in the backyard :=) 2015-01-22

Zach helps Daddy fix the dryer - with guidance obtained from 'the oracle'...2015-01-22

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