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blue mtns scenic railway

Time to take Grammy to the Blue Mountains! Here we are on the scenic railway 2013-01-03

blue mtns sicky z

Mr. & Mrs. Owen & Margaret Heldon gave us the tour. Zach wasn't feeling tip-top, that day :=\ 2013-01-03

blue mtns sicky z02

Zach took a lot of breaks... 2013-01-03

blue mtns 3 sisters

He powered through, though - and, believe it or not, even had some fun with Daddy! :=) 2013-01-03

blue mtns pulpit rock

Grammy, Mommy, Zach & Daddy on Pulpit Rock. Cheese! 2013-01-03

plane to WA

We're boarded and ready to fly to Perth for church camp! 2013-01-06

hiding z

...He often seems like such a big boy, and then reminds us that he still likes to do little-boy things! :=) 2013-01-07

camp - fishing

Zach helped portray the story of casting the net on the right side (he's one of many fish :=) ) 2013-01-09


Zach made great strides in learning to SWIM at camp!! :=D 2013-01-09

z on rocks + sunset

Zach on the rocks :=) oblivious to the gorgeous sunset! 2013-01-10

magic trick

He got up the nerve to perform a magic trick on talent night. :=) Presto kadabra! 2013-01-12


After camp, we did some sight-seeing in southern Western Australia. Woolfie was a constant companion around Zach's neck, and Big Lambie always within reach (albeit sometimes in the air...) 2013-01-13

geographe bay sunset

Beautiful sunset over Geographe Bay! 2013-01-13

kayak tour

We enjoyed a kayak tour! 2013-01-14


Daddy & Zach on the Busselton Jetty 2013-01-15

cape leeuwin lighthouse

We made it to the southernmost point of (continental) Australia ~ Cape Leeuwin! 2013-01-15

treetop walk

Next stop: Treetop Walk at Walpole. Helloooo over there! (That's Grammy, Zach & Mommy on the bridge) 2013-01-16

treetop walk02

Zach trying his darned to STAY in his foul mood :=) 2013-01-16

giant tree

WOAH!! That is a HUUUUUUGE tree we're under! 2013-01-16

national salute

Here we are, at Elephant Rocks, doing the Australian national salute: shooing flies! :=D 2013-01-16


(Case in point: this is Todd's back, covered in - as best I can tell - THIRTEEN flies!? :=\ ) 2013-01-16

natural bridge

Zach & the Natural Bridge 2013-01-16

big lambie driving

Back in the car, Big Lambie decides he'd like a turn at the wheel... :=) 2013-01-16

z laughing01

Big Lambie driving CRACKS Zach up!! :=D 2013-01-16

z laughing02

:=) 2013-01-16

z laughing03


z laughing04

(I just can't get enough of these laughing pictures! :=D ) 2013-01-16

walpole lodge reading01

We spent a couple of nights at a little hostel in Walpole. Zach and Wolfie enjoyed reading with Grammy 2013-01-16

walpole lodge reading02

...Grammy done, Zach & Wolfie resumed reading on their own... (Long live The Far Side! :=D ) 2013-01-16

big pioneer wagon

One of Australia's many "bigs": the pioneer wagon in Kojonup (Zach took this picture!) 2013-01-17

king's park01

On our way back to the airport, we stopped at King's Park in Perth. "Go run around the fountain, Zach!" 2013-01-17

kings park02

That running tuckered him out! 2013-01-17

kings park03

"You come, too, Daddy!" "Ok!" (What a good sport!) 2013-01-17

quartet at kings park

We're getting ready to head home... A last selfie at King's Park 2013-01-17


Zach receives a present from Granddaddy: a gyroscope! 2013-01-17

fun in the tub

Silly Zach loves hamming it up for the mirror! :=) 2013-01-19

darling harbour01

Another visit to Darling Harbour, this time with Grammy 2013-01-20

darling harbour02

There are lots of fun things to do at Darling Harbour! 2013-01-20

darling harbour03

Daddy has fun, too! :=) 2013-01-20

darling harbour04

Squirty games with Daddy 2013-01-20

darling harbour05

This is Grammy's last day in town. :=( Our last selfie.... 2013-01-20

zach & grammy on train

Aww, man, we're gonna miss you, Grammy!!! heart 2013-01-20

nerf gun

Zach enjoys his Christmas present from Younans! 2013-01-21

swimming lessons

More swimming lessons... 2013-01-22

swim sticker

"Look, I'm advancing to the next level!" (swimming lessons) 2013-01-22

swimming lessons02

Another day, another swimming lesson 2013-01-25

another swim sticker

Wuh-ho! ANOTHER sticker, and this time up to the next pool! 2013-01-25

australia day

Celebrating Australia Day in style :=) 2013-01-26


It's hard gettingt Zach outside to play. He likes building contraptions,... Not so much physical activity, but at least he's getting fresh air & vitamin D!? 2013-01-30

first day of school

Special breakfast for Zach's first day of school! :=) 2013-01-31

egg carton mask

...Ya gotta hand it to Zach, he can be VERY creative sometimes! :=D (That's a mask, btw) 2013-02-07

lunar new year

Our friends took us to Cabramatta for our first Lunar New Year! (...Surprisingly and disappointingly, there didn't appear to be any celebrations going on there! :=\ ) 2013-02-09

zach likes to read02

Zach has shown definite bookwork tendencies :=) 2013-02-14

zach likes to read03

:=> 2013-02-15

zach loves to read02

....Did I mention that he enjoys reading?! :=) 2013-02-15

dinner out

We enjoyed dinner out at this bustling Sydney restaurant! :=D 2013-02-15

oatley pk

Smiles from two silly boys :=) 2013-02-17

water slide01

Anyone for a water slide? 2013-02-17

water slide02

:=) 2013-02-17

crossed feet

(He sits on his crossed feet just like his daddy :=] ) 2013-02-17


Zach's initiation to video baseball games. Welcome to the big leagues! 2013-02-24

skip bo

Skip Bo! :=) 2013-02-24


Yahoo! 2013-02-24


So, you don't want to go to school, eh? WELL, there's this big fallen branch, down in the yard,... 2013-02-25

cutting grass

Still don't want to go to school? The grass needs cutting, too... :=) 2013-02-25

helping with supper

Let's cap off this useful stay-at-home day with helping prepare dinner! :=) (Watch those fingers, kiddo!) 2013-02-25







A further glimpse into Zach:

- In addition to enjoying reading, Zach also occasionally likes to spell words out for us, too. "Let's P-L-A-Y, Grammy!" :=)



- Zach has a crazy, awesome, tap-ish dance which he sometimes breaks into spontaneously! What a fun spirit :=>


- After taking in a spot of opera at school, Zach enjoys PLAYING 'opera' at home (although it's more of a dance performance "practice" than an opera! :=D )

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