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The first Lord project of the new year - "His Name is John" 01/03/11

Playin' in the good Canadian snow with Grammy! :=) 01/08/11

Zach was a super trooper, at Grammy's with a sitter he'd never met before, while the grown-ups celebrated Aunt Karie's 50th bday! 01/03/11

A belated Christmas celebration with Younans 01/09/11

Where there is Daddy/Uncle Todd, there is roughing up... :=) 01/09/11

Ashur, Zach & Adam wrasslin' with Daddy/Uncle Todd 01/09/11

Back in Horsham, mowing the snow :=) (He really enjoyed stomping & following paths!) 01/12/11

In from the snow, rosy cheeks and all (and his awesome lion hat & mitts from Isaacs!) 01/12/11

Cuttin' up the rug playing Dance Dance Revolution :=D 01/13/11

"Jonah and the Big Fish" Lord project 01/14/11

Enjoying a game of Dr. Seuss' ABC with Mommy 01/15/11

A tea party in the snow :=) 01/16/11

Zach to Daddy: "You're good at making Valentines." Daddy: "Why thank you, Zach. So are you." :=) 02/09/11

Doing a Lord project about the Word - talking about the days of creation, then the Garden of Eden, Mommy asks Zach: "Do you remember the names of the man & woman?" Zach: "Randi & Reid - er - I mean, Eve & Adam." :=D 02/13/11

Laughing with Daddy at baby Zach videos :=D 02/14/11

"Worship" Lord project 02/16/11

Zach 'n' Daddy goofing off :=) 02/17/11

Some cute Zach-isms:

- Zach still sings himself in bed/to sleep sometimes... :=)

- Daddy to Zach: "What is with you?! You have so much energy!" Z: "I have 100 pieces of energy!" :=D

- "Lambie-Loo is going to zip your mouth shut so you can't talk out loud, only silent talk." "Big Lambie is going to make springs come out of your nose & tickle Daddy!" "Big Lambie is going to make blue markers come out of your eyes & draw on Daddy!" ?! :=D

- Zach to Mommy: "Can we make plum pudding, sometime?" M: "Sure! ...What made you think of that? A song?" Z: "No - you can have it at Christmas time, or winter time, or anytime you celebrate the Lord's birthday." :=) Indeed!

- Playing cars: "I injusted your seatbelt, Mommy"

- Looking at a container full of crayons: "(Whistles) Look. At. That." :=D

- "I'm galLOPping" (vs. GaLlopping) :=D

- Not uncommonly heard out of Zach: "Oh! I didn't know that!" Or, "Why didn't you know that?" :=D (-Frequently followed by "Because you didn't tell me," i.e. "Because I can't read your mind, Zach"!)

- Zach is strangely modest. He played *SO* nicely by himself while Mommy lay with needles in her, at an acupuncture appointment, for 30-40 minutes -- the accupuncturist praised him afterward, but he said, "No, I didn't do a good job. You played with me" (which she clearly did not). ...Huh??

- Zach has a new affection for malls - particularly their escalators & elevators! :=) (And carousel, where applicable!)

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