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Zach & Jack play with blocks at Mrs. Smith Johns' house 01/02/09

"Dovers on . Ni-night, Pooh, deep tight . Wake up, Pooh!" 01/07/09

Zach peacing out in his rainbow glasses & necklace :=D (Noah's ark "Lord project") 01/10/09

Zach's first time on skates - on a real, frozen pond! (Thanks, Nick!!) 01/25/09

Mommy & Zach skating on the retreat pond 01/25/09

Zach and his proud papa :=) 01/27/09

"Auntie Jill, will you please show Mommy how to make a REAL snow horse?!" (Not that this snow brontosaurus thing doesn't have its charm,... ) 02/03/09

Worth the wait then . . . 12/04/06


. . . worth the wait now!! :=> 02/12/09


Zach showing us his lovely "talking with the Lord" project (a bit under the weather, as you can see by the puffiness around his eyes, sigh!) 02/20/09

Never too sick to have fun with Aunt Karie ! :=) 02/24/09


Zach still has a cough, but Daddy makes it fun! ("Eww, don't cough on me!") 02/24/09

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