Zach's August 2012

We're back in Australia, this time "for real"!

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home again

Home again, home again... 2012-08-04

he's out

Zach declined the invitation to join Daddy & Mommy on a walk, after their long day of travel. Here's what they discovered upon their return... :=) 2012-08-04

bunk bed with daddy

Zach's glad to be back in his bunk bed! And still loves playing games with Daddy, on said bunk bed. 2012-09-04

zach in hat

All kids are required to wear a wide-brimmed hat to school. We decorated (and identified) Zach's hat in style: ZstarCH! 2012-08-11

imagination at work

Good news, his imagination is still intact! :=) 2012-08-11

zach's first day

Now that we're down here for real, Zach started school for real! - at Southside Montessori School 2012-08-13

zach & dylan @ cockatoo island

We had the pleasure of visiting Cockatoo Island ~ here, Zach & Dylan 2012-08-18

airline tix

Airline tickets to Indya [sic] for Grammy, Uncle Jim & Aunt Karen: check. Imagination still intact: check. 2012-08-23

dying celery

With the school Father's Day science fair coming up, Zach and Daddy first tried dyeing celery 2012-08-26

elephants toothpaste 1

...Then settled on creating elephant's toothpaste 2012-08-25

elephant's toothpaste 2

'Ere she blows! 2012-08-25

elephant's toothpaste 3

Zach learned about putting together a powerpoint presentation of their project, too! 2012-08-28

wrasslin with daddy

Zach devised an interesting tumbling act 2012-08-30

zach on daddy's shoulders

At the aforementioned school Father's Day Science Fair :=) 2012-08-31

"I love you this much!" 2012-08-31

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